We work with organisations across New Zealand to bring access to expert advice, connections, and investment channels to student projects and startups.

Strategic Partner Organisations



UniServices brings ideas to live by partnering with the best minds and the University of Auckland to apply intelligent thinking to ideas that have the potential to change the world. This is done by expertise in commercialisation, strong international relationships and connections with industry



New Zealand's highly productive and creative scientific community needs partners to help turn research into real-world disruptive products and services. Matū is an investment fund that helps address a growing need for very early stage, pre-seed and seed capital for scientific, IP-rich start-ups. We combine this capital with strong, strategic, commercial governance, guidance, and management, as well as connections throughout New Zealand and the rest of the world.


KiwiNet: Achieving more together

The Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet) is New Zealand’s network of public research organisations, working together to transform scientific discoveries into marketable products and services.

KiwiNet’s role is to empower people by helping them to access the tools, connections, investment and support they need to commercialise research.

By collaborating on projects, combining capability and sharing networks, we better share funding, and help one another achieve better commercial outcomes for New Zealand.



Viclink is Victoria University of Wellington’s commercialisation office and helps researchers transform their discoveries into products or services that have real benefit to society. Viclink can help test, protect and develop an idea, optimising its chances of success, before launching it into the world where it can do the most good.


Otago Innovation Ltd

Otago Innovation helps University of Otago Researchers transfer their technology to the world. Otago Innovation Limited offer advice, and can provide a platform from which University of Otago researchers can get their research or invention investor ready.



The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) offers free and frank advice to government, recognising the spirit of service to the community that we share as public servants.

As a large organisation, MBIE have a wide reach and are connected across sectors, regions and industries. They look for opportunities to work with partners inside and outside government, and we build on the best thing about New Zealand – communities working together for the good of everyone.