Student Entrepreneur of the Year

Meet Connor Talbot—Momentum Student Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

ProstheteX - personalised 3D printed socket designs for amputees

ProstheteX are creating personalised 3D printed socket designs for amputees who are suffering pain, discomfort, and frustration, caused by their current prosthetics.

ProstheteX flexible custom design aims to eliminate issues that approximately 75% if all amputees face in their prosthetic journey due to prosthetic sockets, including skin issues because of their socket fit, and more serious complications such as oedema.

Connor Talbot, the founder of ProstheteX is a student at The University of Auckland and is in his final year of his Electrical Engineering degree. The venture was started with a co-founder, another undergraduate – Sebastian Weaver, who works as a technician for the New Zealand Artificial Limb Service (NZALS) and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Connor Talbot says, "Current prosthetic sockets are developed with conventional manufacturing methods that can lead to hard, relatively inflexible sockets. We're aiming to achieve a better fit through personalised 3D printing for the ever-changing shape and size of amputee's residual limbs."

Since inception only four short months ago, the team has achieved wonderful traction. They have secured the world's foremost 3D printing expert, Professor Olaf Diegel and won several awards for their vision and values. Most notably, the team has snapped up the 'Research Prize' by UniServices at the 2019 Velocity Innovation Challenge, and, 'The Ultimate Start-Up' prize at Tech-Week Auckland 2019 hosted by Niesh and ATEED.

The team also walk the talk. They have connected to high profile amputees, testing their designs with NZALS, and are integrating themselves and their business heavily into the amputee community in New Zealand. With all this achieved in just four months, it is an exciting time for both the founders and the wider amputee community.